The Golf Ball Company is pleased to offer our customers the ability to Personalize golf balls for FREE online and still save about 50% or more from buying new balls.

ID AlignNovelty Eye BallHappy BirthdayHappy Father's Day

They are great as gifts for yourself, birthday, anniversaries, retirements or just because you want to give someone an extra special gift without breaking the bank.

The balls we Personalize are all perfect balls with no player markings or previous logos. These balls are factory recycled from millions of recycled balls that we process annually and are cleaned to a like new status. None of the recycling processes we do affect the playability or quality of the golf ball.

You will be thrilled as you join thousands of The Golf Ball Company Customers who have Personalized their own golf balls and only you will know how little you paid. In fact, we even have specialized packaging for you to help you celebrate the occasion.


Here's how you do it… It is really very simple

1. Click below to return to the front page to find the Golf Ball you wish to personalize.

2. Then choose the No Logo 5A ball for the Grade option.

3. You will then be asked if you wish to put FREE Personalization on the ball.

4. Then follow the personalization instructions.


Start Personalizing Your Golf Balls Now!

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