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Assorted Brands Mix

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Quality: 5A Pristine (1 Dozen)
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This is a mix of all recycled golf ball Pro Line models with logos. Some of the models in this mix may include Tommy Armour, Intec,, Nitro, Fuzz Golf Balls, etc.

Product ratings
The assortment is great, I can try different brands without having to buy a dozen at retail to find out I like something else better. The quality is good in the assortment.Thanks
Good mixture great for the beginner to lose.
Decent for price
exceeded my expectaion
as advised in product description.. 👍
I was very pleased with my purchase and will do it again as I contine to hit these balls into water hazzards, road ways,,lakes, and streams. RSSmith
Great product
showed up quickly and more than met my expectations.
They're definitely golf balls. Already put a bunch in the woods, be expecting another order soon!
Ok product l
This isn't exactly the most accurate review because we don't use the balls for golf. We used to live on a golf course an dour cocker spaniels took great delight in finding and hunting for lost golf balls in the woods. When we moved, we needed to have a supply of golf balls for them on hand to throw for them and let them hunt for. so as far as the cocker spaniels are concerned, these balls are absolutely perfect and since 5 dozen costs me less than $30 delivered, I agree!
Very satisfied with the quality or cleanliness of these used balls.
Im a little disappointed to be honest. I knew this balls weren’t going to be in great condition, but I at least thought they would all be playable. There are a few that are warped and aren’t going to be able to play. Also, I have one ball that’s not even a golf ball. Lastly, they smell like they were soaked in some chemical and I’ve done about everything to try and get the smell out but nothing has worked.
Haven’t used yet look good
The price was right for these balls, as I just use them for practice.
Again, not being a player any more, my grandson is on the course as often as possible. Quality, inexpensive golf balls a must.
Very poor selection at any price. Will avoid mystery brands in the future from you.
I am very pleased with the mix of brands
AAAA+++ great balls.
Good price, quick delivery, balls in better condition that I thought
Like a golf ball
Almost new 4a balls that arrived looking almost new in condition. Fantastic price. Shipped fast.
Even better quality than I expected.

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