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Bridgestone Tour B RX Prior Generations

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Quality: 5A Pristine (1 Dozen)
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Bridgestone offers a golf ball for every player type. The new Bridgestone TOUR B RX is the perfect combination of both distance and spin. Before the introduction of this golf ball, players had to decide if distance or high spin meant more to their game. Luckily, Bridgestone has solved this problem with their new REACTIV cover on the TOUR B RX.

Great Distance with Plenty of Spin
This is a three-piece golf ball with a core compression of 66. The Bridgestone TOUR B RX golf ball will work best for the player who swings slower than 105 miles per hour. Low to mid-handicap players will be able to appreciate the feeling that this golf ball offers. Getting a ball that will stop on a green while also providing enough spin for long distance off the tee can be a rare find. Luckily this Bridgestone Tour B RX offers it all.

Product ratings
Great price on these balls. Mostly like brand new
I always get good quality and exactly as discribed. The price is right. What more could you ask for?
Just what I ordered!
As per review above.
Great golf balls, play like new. I have had a few that were "yellowish" but still played well.
Most of the balls were in great shape but a few seemed like they belonged in the lower groups. Two had a gash across the ball. Out of 60 and being near mint I am okay with but someone else might not be
Out of the 24 grade 4A balls I ordered and received, three are noticeably yellowed. However, I doubt it will effect play of the balls, and for the price, am satisfied.
Look good and play like a new ball.
I haven't used any of the new golf balls yet, thus the rating of 4 vs 5. When I did a quick look they looked good.
All balls were in great condition
Most looked like they never got hit. A couple must have gotten thru with a scuff or two
Product fine attitude terrible
Ninety percent of the order was as advertised, there were some 2017 balls mixed in which lowered my ratings..
As described.
Same as above
Horrible,horrible, horrible. Not only were the balls in bad condition but they sent the wrong balls. It's very rare I leave a bad review but this was just awful. The only good thing about it is they gave me a $5 dollar chip for $5 dollars off my next purchase but even that is worthless cause I'm never purchasing anything from here again. Sticking with lostgolfballs com. They have yet to disappoint there golf balls are in much better condition and they actually give you the balls you ordered

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