AssortedSKU: Bulk Assorted Brands Mix-1 (25 Dozen)

Bulk Assorted Brands Mix

Quality: 5A (25 Dozen)
Sale price$199.99


Shop in bulk and find huge savings. Our selection of Assorted bulk golf balls will help you take your game to the next level without spending all the money.

This is a mix of all recycled golf ball Pro Line models with logos. Some of the models in this mix include, Intec, Tommy Armour, Nitro, Fuzz Golf Balls etc.

Product ratings
When I ordered this I expected a really assorted mixed bag, but I appreciate that the order was filled with only Top Flites and Precepts! Of the 300 balls in the order, I would say 170 were Top Flites, and 130 were Precepts. I would also say that 95% of the balls looked brand new and the rest had discoloration or minor scuffs, but still very playable.I shoot in the high 90s/low 100s and lose 2-3 balls a round so this was a perfect product for my game and my expectations!
My husband was so pleased with the golf balls. He could not believe how good they were. We have purchased from other sellers in the past and the balls were not of the quality these were

How We Grade Used Golf Balls

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