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Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Orange

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Get more distance from every club in the bag using the improved Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Orange Golf Balls. This golf ball provides distance and controllable spin wrapped up in a red matte finish for easy visibility on the course and in the air.

Distance has been improved through Callaway’s High Energy Core, which maximizes compression even on off-center contact to boost ball speed. For a controllable spin when attacking the green, the Superhot uses a 3-piece construction with a soft cover. The Callaway 332-dimple pattern offers to improve aerodynamic performance to achieve easy lift with a long descending flight.

Orange Golf Balls

Product ratings
Thrilled to be playing practically new Callaway Superhot Bold Orange for less than half retail price. Your confidence can take a hit when you lose a ball, now your wallet doesn't have to!
Love the color.
Exactly what I ordered.
I'm liking these a lot...I'm a big Callaway fan and these balls are no exception. Anything that helps me stay in the short cut is is magical.
These are my go to balls and they are in excellent condition.
Almost like new, will buy again
you would have to buy new to get any better than these balls.
5 star
Very good quality and great price.
I will buy these again. Thx.
Found no logo's. Some of the balls started fading. Several balls had half of the orange was almost yellow. Had to be older balls.
Exactly what I paid for

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