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Srixon Z-Star Tour Divide Yellow

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The new two-tone Z-STAR Series DIVIDE has a high contrast, 50/50 urethane cover that offers unmatched visibility in the air or on the course. But don’t let those good looks fool you. It’s also a high performance, tour quality golf ball—made to soar farther and play softer than anything in your bag.

DIVIDE’s spinning strobe effect lets you easily see the degree and rate of wedge spin change as you adjust face angle and swing speed, making it a uniquely accurate tool for fine-tuning pitching and chipping consistency.

The longer that alignment line, the more accurately you can see and strike your putts. Let DIVIDE’s one-of-a-kind, 360˚ seam line—running around the entire golf ball—help perfect your aim and roll on the greens.

Don’t let those good looks fool you, Z-STAR Series DIVIDE golf balls are premium tour performers. Starring our 338 Speed Dimple Pattern (for less drag and more lift); an extra thin, thermoplastic 50/50 urethane cover coated with Spin Skin (for increased friction and greenside spin); and a proprietary, FastLayer Core, which is soft at its center but gradually becomes firm around its edges (for great feel and high ball speed).

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